52 Week Sewing Challenge

What have I done?!?!?!

I just joined the 52 Week Sewing Challenge, GULP.

It’s okay, just breathe, this is going to be fun! Right?

There are over 2000 of us who have taken the challenge. This is how it will go: every week for all of 2018 there will be a sewing challenge. For example, week 1 we are to “sew something warm”. We can “Accept the Challenge” and off we go to sew something warm – whatever fits the bill for each of us. Or – we can choose to “Go Rogue” and sew whatever we want to.

The idea is to sew something every week. This is an opportunity to sew through my stash, try new patterns and fabrics and get inspired, make new friends, and enjoy the many, many projects that will be shared.

I hope you follow along with me and check in each week to see if I “Accepted the Challenge” or decided to “Go Rogue”. Some of the challenges will coincide with my new pattern tests and blog posts. So from time to time you may see more information about a weekly challenge on the blog page!

To see each weeks sews just click on the 52 week sewing challenge title under BLOG POSTS on the right side of the page!

Thanks for joining me on the 52 Week Sewing Challenge!

Let’s journey into sewing (weekly) together!