Confessions from a Messy Sewing Room

I am fortunate enough to have a dedicated sewing room on the first floor in our home in NC.  It has a big window where the morning light streams in and I have my large cutting table right in front of that window.  It does get very warm in there in the summer so the big blinds come in very handy.  I also have set up my two Baby Lock Sergers, The Ovation is set up for serging and The Triumph is set on coverstitch.  Across from those I have my sewing/embroidery machine, although I haven’t done any embroidery in a couple of years.  I got so into all thing serging that I have set aside embroidery for a while.  I may come back to it.

I have a double door closet with shelving, that never seems big enough.  Fabric, although I do try to keep it organized, does tend to fall out occasionally when I open the door.  I have a large ironing board set up and a printer and more shelves of fabric and a bookcase of notions and on and on.

The room is a mess.  When I sew I am messy.  I have made my peace with it, finally.  I used to beat myself up comparing myself and my room to all those beautiful, well organized sewing rooms I see on the internet and magazines.  I felt like like this is how it should be.  What a terrible deflating phrase that is, how it should be, ugh.  I spent more time trying to stay clean or organized and putting everything in it’s place that I did sewing,  not having fun, not sewing much and certainly not being creative.  Well I finally made my piece with how how I sew.  I know that I would spend less time looking for the thread snips, and French curve and the bodkin, if I were more organized but I don’t really like it and it doesn’t stay that way long.  So, I sew many projects and then finally even I know it is time to clean up from all of those, put things in it’s place and get ready for the next round of sewing.

If you are a neat and organized sewer great, go with it, if like me, you are a messy sewer, then I say let your freak flag fly and go with it, be who you are.  There is not a right or wrong way.  Find your own way.  I have even found a certain satisfaction in the clean up day.

Happy messy or neat sewing!!!!


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